Community Engagement Initiatives (CEI) is a non-profit collective impact child advocacy organization.   We strategically engage community stakeholders using collective impact strategies to address the primary barriers to children and their families.

We have our headquarters in Antioch, California.

Mission and Vision

Community Engagement Initiatives’ mission is to help communities align stakeholders, strengthen and broaden infrastructures that support access to quality education and developmental opportunities for all children.  We understand that children do their best when supported their families and that families thrive in communities where adequate supports and nourishing relationships are available.
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Our History

Our inaugural year, 2011, will stand as a milestone for Community Engagement Initiatives (CEI).  It’s the year in which a group of concerned and informed parents, professionals, and community servants came together around a common mission;

To create an infrastructure that supports access to quality educational programs and developmental opportunities for all children
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Board of Directors

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