Community Engagement Initiatives (CEI) is a non-profit collective impact child advocacy organization.   We strategically engage community stakeholders using collective impact strategies to address the primary barriers to children and their families.

We have our headquarters in Antioch, California.

CEI Mission

Community Engagement Initiatives’ mission is to help communities align stakeholders, strengthen and broaden infrastructures that support access to quality education and developmental opportunities for all children.  We understand that children do their best when supported their families and that families thrive in communities where adequate supports and nourishing relationships are available.  Our vision is to engage stakeholders in target communities and engage them to develop and execute collective impact initiatives that will increase the capacity of children to succeed.

We design, partner with, assess, coordinate collective impact program initiatives, forums, conferences & events with communities, institutions, community based organizations, families and individuals supporting their efforts to empower children towards success.

CEI began in 2011 and is a private, nonprofit organization.

Core Values

Social Responsibility - We believe there is value in providing service to others.

The wealth of our communities is vested in the success of its citizens.  It is the duty of each generation to ensure that successive generations are knowledgeable and well prepared.  Each person holds a responsibility to contribute to the health and prosperity of our communities, and the families who live in them.  We will pursue viable opportunities to invest in the development of the communities that we serve.

Collective Impact Approach – We believe that a collective impact is a viable method for addressing complex social challenges.

Pursuing a strategic approach to identify primary issues/barriers impacting health, wellness, and growth in communities and leveraging our collective resources to achieve positive outcomes brings value and creates a sense of community.  Working with community stakeholders enhances program delivery and extends the depth and reach of resources.  Accordingly, we will work collectively with community stakeholders to actualize our vision and accomplish our mission.

Cultural Awareness – We believe exposure to positive cultural infused education and experiences strengthens the mental health of children of color, expands consciousness of all and worldview all children.

By exposing a student to positive cultural experiences throughout the world, we expand the values, consciousness, worldview and possibilities for future generations.  As such, leveraging history and culture in curriculum content and delivery is vital to program success.

Health & Wellness – We believe that investing in the health and wellness of communities creates social capital.

Investing in family wellness will create a social capital that supports health, academic/personal development, and resource within the community establishing a fertile landscape that nurtures family and creates stable communities.  We will work to educate children and families about the importance of health and to support them towards developing good habits that promote community wellness.

Leveraging Technology - We will leverage technology to scale our program offerings and create efficiency to our program delivery. We will also develop and use common metrics across our initiative to measure their efficacy.

We will integrate technology into our curriculum to enhance the educational experience.  We will utilize technology to scale our operations providing maximum efficiency and value to our collective impact partners, program recipients and supporters.